display panel

The shield - mounting the 8P8C jacks:

(click for a larger view)

The last step for the shield is to mount the 8P8C jacks and solder them in place.

Mounting the jacks can be intimidating. There are lots of pins in a small space, the mounting lugs are taller than the pins, and the force required to press the lugs through their holes is easily enough to bend the pins beyond recognition.

It's really not that bad though. Once you do a couple, you'll have the feel for it.

The trick is to rock the jack back on an angle, as shown, and get the back row of pins lined up in their holes first. Everything else falls into place after that.

Once you get the pins seated in their holes, rock the jack forward and press the mounting lugs through their holes. The jack should seat with a nice, solid click.

Now comes the easy part.

The lugs hold the jacks in place even before the pins are soldered, so you can mount all four jacks at once.

Flip the board over and solder the pins.

And your shield is done.