display panel

The breadboard headers:

(click for a larger view)

Building the shield isn't hard, but the breadboard headers are downright easy.

You already know how to insert 8P8C jacks, so start with those.

Solder the pins.

Mounting the 1x4 header is also easy, thanks to the offset hole pattern developed and released into the wild by the good folks at SparkFun.

Whe you press that first piece of header into the holes and feel it feel it fit snugly and in perfect alignment, all the praise goes to them.

The 1x4 header mounts from the bottom. We want as much leg as possible going into the breadboard, and the connecting strip serves as a standoff so it's easier to pull the header out of the breadboard.

You can solder the headers directly, but I happen to have an old breadboard which was at ground zero when a set of transistors overheated.

(side note: make sure there's always a resistor in the path between 0V and the base of a PNP transistor)

Since I don't have to worry about damaging the board any further, I can use it to hold the headers while I solder them.

The soldering is straightforward. Just make sure that the board is seated properly on the pins before you make the first connection.